Real Estate Advisors Defense Institute

LIA Administrators & Insurance Services announces the formation of an association which will fight for appraisers in the midst of the tremendous legal and economic changes this profession is facing. 

This association, Real Estate Advisors Defense Institute, Inc. (READI) offers free membership to all appraisers under a LIA policy.

Your access code to is 201500.

READI's mission is to:
  • Protect appraisers from unfair legal and financial liability
  • Give appraisers frank information about legal, financial and insurance issues
  • Advocate in the interest of appraisers in judicial, political and regulatory settings
  • Support professional organizations that serve the needs of individual appraisers
At you will find answers to such questions as:
  • Which lender sues appraisers the most?
  • Do I have potential liability as a review appraiser?
  • What is the surest way for a commercial appraiser to get sued?
  • Should I keep my workfiles longer than the 5 years required by USPAP?
  • How should I respond to a call from the FBI or other law enforcement about one of my appraisals?
  • What’s my risk from using one of the new valuation tools like the Collateral Valuation Report?

We invite you to visit to learn more about READI and complete the simple registration process.