Over 125 Years Combined Experience

LIA has offered E&O insurance to appraisers since 1978. Our management team is headed by Robert C. Wiley, President.

In 1987 we formed the Appraisers Liability Insurance Trust Purchasing Group, one of the first risk purchasing groups to be registered nationwide and the oldest active program for appraisers in the insurance industry. Our program has grown from fewer than 500 policies in 1987 to over 15,000 policies today, insuring more than 25,000 appraisers across the country. Our legal team, headed by Claudia Gaglione, is recognized nationally as a leader in defending appraisers.

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What sets us apart from other E&O insurance providers?

The answer is easy: Experience, knowledge, customer service and our legal expertise.

Over 125 Years Combined Experience
E&O insurance team

E&O is specialty coverage and it is important to work with a program administrator who has experience with this specific coverage. Our underwriting and sales staff has over 125 years combined experience with LIA, working exclusively with appraisers E&O insurance.

Our claims counsel is recognized as a leader in defending real estate professionals. They have supervised more real estate appraiser E&O claims than any other law firm in the nation. Their experience with claims provides content for our Claim Alert newsletters. Be sure to visit our "Claudia Says..." page to see the latest advice from Claudia Gaglione.

More than 30 Years Working with the Appraisal Profession
errors and omission knowledge for the appraisal industry

Many insurance companies jump into the E&O marketplace with little or no understanding of the coverage or the appraisal profession. Since 1978, more than 25 insurance companies have entered and left the appraisal E&O market. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide a stable program that you can count on, which is critical with the current volatility in the real estate and financial markets. Our national claims counsel is the recognized expert when it comes to defending real estate appraisers.

Whether your questions relate to coverage, claims or loss prevention, our staff has comprehensive knowledge of E&O insurance. We can explain to you terms such as claims-made, retro date, prior acts, and tail coverage - critical terms used in all appraiser E&O policies. Additionally, we keep current with the news and changes in the appraisal industry. If something new is going to affect your liability exposure, there's a good chance we've already analyzed it and already have recommendations. In fact, LIA has participated in HUD roundtable discussions, phone conversations with FannieMae and been consulted by state appraisal boards. When industry players such as associations, AMC's, banks and national mortgage lenders have liability questions, they often call LIA.

Taking the Time to Listen to Our Clients
connecting with our customers

When you call LIA during business hours, our staff will answer your call and connect you with the best person to assist you. No maddening voice mail menus to try to figure out! We listen to your comments and suggestions, and make changes to the program whenever appropriate.

Comments from our policyholders have resulted in topics for Claim Alerts, articles in association periodicals, and information for our Loss Prevention Seminars. Our partnership with our clients provides added value to our program.

E&O insurance is a vital necessity for today's professional appraiser. Place your confidence with insurance professionals who place customer service as their top priority.

Claims And How To Avoid Them: The Bottom Line!

You never expect it to happen to you, but if you do find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit, or the recipient of a threatening letter demanding payment, you want to be sure that your attorney has the knowledge and experience to successfully defend you. Our national claims counsel has been working with our program defending real estate appraisers since 1983. If you find yourself in need of legal help, our attorneys understand the appraisal profession and process; they know the best way to respond and use the most successful defenses should they be necessary. You won't have to spend your valuable time explaining the appraisal process. Our network of experienced attorneys spans the U.S., ready to represent you in your time of need.

Legal expertise for real estate appraisers

Claudia Gaglione heads our national claims counsel. Without a doubt, she is the most experienced defense attorney when it comes to Real Estate Appraisers E&O claims. Whether talking with an appraiser, a state board investigator, an association or one of the GSE's, our first concern is protecting appraisers from needless and unnecessary liability.

We may not be able to eliminate the possibility of you being sued, but we can help you reduce your exposure. We can also show you how to make yourself easier to defend in the event that you do have a lawsuit.

We don't stop there. All the knowledge we accumulate defending lawsuits, is used in our loss prevention education. Our clients and industry players have come to rely on our advice to help avoid additional liability exposure.

Please visit our "Claudia Says" page by clicking here

Social Impact

LIA participates in annual giving to local organizations.

Holiday gifts and non-perishable food items are donated through employee giving. We are happy to support the local food bank and our local Boys and Girls Club.

Community giving for local organizations