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Why I buy my E&O from LIA: They have been in business serving the valuation industry since 1978. One of the biggest advantages, to me, is that I also have access to legal advice from attorneys who specialize in appraiser claims. Plus, they won't automatically cancel your policy if you have a claim or an administrative board complaint. That's why I still have my E&O policy with LIA for over 20 years.

Ann O'Rourke MAI, SRA Alameda, CA

Claudia and her team run the most knowledgeable and experienced claims department in the country for managing appraiser and AMC professional liability claims and have the best network of local defense attorneys in each state ready to defend appraisers and AMCs.

Peter Christensen Christensen Law Firm

I became of client of LIA for E&O Coverage in 2008 and have continued to do business with them since. Over the years, when appraisers ask me for an E&O provider, I’ve always felt good about recommending LIA.

Paul E. Moore, ARA, RPRA Past President, ASFMRA 2020-2021

I will say that one of the brights spots over the years has been my relationship with LIA. You have always been there for me, and Claudia Gaglione’s Claims Alerts have been very helpful throughout the years.

Ronald S. "Butch" Plott, Jr. SRA, AI-RRS, Residential | Appraiser

Any time I needed a question answered, it was with a quick response by E-Mail or a phone call. This is a big plus in my opinion. This company has also supplied appraisers with good advice through-out the years by actual cases that had been brought against some appraisers. The advice given has helped all appraisers be aware what is happening, and what to do if it should arise. I thank you and this fine company for all the past years, in my opinion you are the "BEST" at what you do.

Jimmy Legg Certified Residential Appraiser

Early on in my career, E&O insurance carriers would come and go.  Not only was it inconvenient, but obtaining coverage with a new company meant the loss of prior acts coverage.  It was a negative and frustrating experience.

Since I've been a client of LIA Insurance Administrators, I've never considered changing insurance companies because LIA is the leader in providing education, knowledgeable staff, expert legal advice and relevant coverage options.  No other companies are providing similar benefits.

I appreciate the work you do for appraisal professionals.

Nancy Phillips SRA

I’ve been with LIA for a number of years. Thankfully, I have not needed their services in defense of a claim. What I find very beneficial are the resources provided via email or their website on best practices for an appraiser or perhaps in other words "what not to do."

Robert B. Lynch SRA, AI-RRS, NAR Green

Our firm chose LIA over 30 years ago because of their expertise, strong reputation for quality, and commitment to customer service. LIA liability prevention education has taught us important steps to mitigate risk. We specialize in complex appraisal assignments, often involving condemnation and litigation support, and it is critical for us to have E&O insurance we can trust. We will continue to place our confidence in LIA.

Lindsey M. Willis MAI, AI-GRS, R/W-AC

Thank you Dianne for the fantastic customer service!

L.V, Appraiser | California

LIA has been great over the years and I have always felt that you provided a comfortable safety net for myself and business. Thank you for being there

Gregory J Brooker General Accredited Appraiser (Retired)

Despite having been with LIA for only a year, I find myself feeling much more protected than I have in all the years I've had E&O insurance from other companies. I'm particularly impressed by the level of professionalism and responsiveness. Whenever I am concerned about something that could adversely affect my appraisal business, I reach out to my E&O provider and ask for their perspective on the issue. I've always gotten good advice. Knowing the 'Ask Claudia' group has been a big plus.

Don Schaffer Appraiser

Thank you so much for getting me set up. I am so grateful to both of you for walking me through everything, and helping me with such important fundamentals. And not only getting me the right solutions, but also educating me as to what’s important and why. You Two are great representatives of LIA and your industry!

C.M, Senior Right of Way Professional

Thank you so much for your help Dianne. I went with LIA because of the personal call and assistance you provided, much appreciated!

Dan Niederman Appraiser

Thank you so much for your assistance on this. I really appreciate how quickly you responded. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company.

Theresa A Thomas Appraiser

Dianne, I just wanted to say thanks for your help in getting me my insurance. You were a great help and I hope your company realizes what an asset you are.

DeWayne Shackelford Appraiser

Thank you so much for such wonderful service. I appreciate you very much!

Renée E. Latham MNAA – ATA-R Appraiser

Dianne really is Awesome! This was an extremely daunting task for me. She took the time to answer a ton of emails and also took time to talk with me on the phone. She offered advice, gave explanations, and even encouraged me to contact her in the future if she could be of assistance, even if I didn’t write my policy with LIA. She listened to my concerns and she provided me with the details I needed to make an insurance decision that was right for my business. And she followed up with me after the phone call to make a change that would make me feel even more comfortable with my decision. She is a great asset to your company. I am really glad she was the person I connected with. Her professionalism went a long way for me.

Angela Wright Appraiser | PA

Thanks Dana – I personally wanted to say thank you for all your help over the years. I think you and Patrick did an incredible job and I would very much recommend LIA to any of my peers who are looking for insurance/surety services.

Dianne Forbush VP of Operations, Synergy Appraisal Services

Starting my own appraisal business has been a constant learning experience. However, the decision to choose LIA for my E&O insurance was simple! Thank you for making this so seamless.

M.K Appraiser | Washington

This has been a really good experience.

Certified Residential Appraiser California

I wanted to thank you for the very prompt service

Cheryl Williams Appraiser

Thanks a million for your great service and support.

Elina Appraiser | Miami, Florida

Thanks a bunch, Dianne. You made it happen!!!!

Jeremy Bagott MAI, AI-GRS, appraiser in CA

You are awesome! Thanks so much for all your efforts.

Leslie M., Owner Appraisal Management Company

I want to thank you for working so fast to help. It will never be forgotten.


Hi Claudia,

Just a quick note to let you know that we renewed our AMC E&O insurance with LIA this month.

We were contacted by other insurance providers soliciting our business this past year, and they wanted the opportunity to at least quote us a better rate.

I told them that a past claim was handled so diligently by LIA, and we were so confident in our representation provided by Todd Stevens, with additional support from yourself, that we have no interest or need in going elsewhere for insurance just to save a few bucks. Peace of mind is invaluable, and in our eyes your team is the best.

Thank you.

Chief Appraiser California

Also, as a fellow insurance professional it’s always great to work with like-minded individuals. LIA has done a great job for my appraisal practice and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Chris D, Appraiser IL

Thank you for taking care of my E & O Policy in such a timely manner.

Marlo T. Dill, ARA (LIA customer since 2004) OR

Thanks Dianne, you guys are fantastic!

George Nervik, Certified Appraiser CRGA Washington

I am so grateful that I have never needed to rely on your services over the past forty-one years, and I appreciate the overwhelmingly pleasant manner in which all LIA staff have treated me every time I have called or written you. Would that all business interactions were so civil! Thank you so very much.

Ann McReynolds, Appraiser St. Louis, MO

One of the better run businesses I have worked with over the years. Keep up the good work!

Robert Williams, Appraiser Washington

Many thanks. You make it easy.

C.B., Appraiser Virginia

Thank you, you have been very helpful to me.

Eileen Depcrymski, Certified Real Estate Appraiser Pennsylvania

For a long time your company has enjoyed an excellent reputation, which is a tribute to you and your colleagues.

John Connors Appraiser, Gloucester, MA

I am writing to thank you for your absolutely excellent service in handling my account in a very prompt manner when I was the one responsible for delaying my own paperwork.

I am grateful for your kind and professional attitude and your attention to my case. You are one of the reasons that I have kept my E and O insurance with Liability Insurance Administrators for almost 30 years now. There are many other more affordable options for E & O insurance, but LIA has superior service.

Thank you for going the extra mile and spending your valuable time to help me in a tough situation!

Dana Adams Blake Certified Residential Appraiser, CA

Your company/personnel are outstanding. I’ve always appreciated the advice of counsel and your suggestions and advisories on legal matters confronting appraisers.

Hal Gearhart, MAI, SRPA, SRA Certified Appraiser, MD

Thank you! It is my privilege to be with you guys! You are the BEST!

Mary L. Patterson, SRA Certified Residential Appraiser, FL

Thank you for requesting that for me – Natalie just sent me exactly what I needed. You have been such a tremendous help through this process!

Ami S. McKinney Certified Residential Appraiser, AL

Ms. Tanner, thanks for your very informative reply. I will sign up for the free retirement tail coverage. What a pleasant surprise to know there is such a thing! Must be one of the reasons LIA is the best in the industry.

Thomas Weber Certified Appraiser, CA

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. I really appreciate it. We've been customers for over 30 years and I look forward to our continued relationship. You're the BEST!!!

Thomas R. McReynolds, MAIAppraiser, MO

Just wanted to brag on LIA’s website. Renewing online was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. No more paper forms ever. Thanks!

Vicki ChiltonAppraiser, AL

Thanks! Even in this first email there is more good advice then I ever got before from any insurer. Thanks again.

Doug CiotaAppraiser, IL

Rebecca. Thank you so much for your response. I believe your company has added considerably to my peace of mind in my many years as an independent real estate appraiser. The tail program is an example of your fine representation of your clients. It will help me to more fully appreciate my retirement after 44 years as an appraiser.

Paul Olson, SRAReal Estate Appraiser, WA

I don't even bother to shop around for other quotes. It may be somewhat ignorant for me to say that, but there is a certain degree of comfort and professionalism levels with LIA that I've never experienced before with your competitors!

Jack BoylesAppraiser, CT

I really appreciate your articles concerning appraisal related topics. The best ones are related to disclosure commentary that we should put into reports. I think it is fantastic that you have these valuable articles available for your appraisal clients.

Mick KenneyReal Estate Appraiser

I just wanted to say hello after all these year and thank you and LIA for making the renewal process so easy. I also want to thank you for the little advice emails regarding the appraisal industry that you all send out periodically. Again, thank you being a partner over the years. I do have comfort that you are there and it's very nice that you and others there are the same people that I have been dealing with for many years.

Ric UmbrageReal Estate Appraiser, NM

I have been a customer with you folks since 1983. Sure appreciate the way you do business. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

John R (Rod) AdamsonSRA - NM

Thank you for your effective and professional service over the past 17+ years of coverage. You are the best in the industry without question.

Lou Anne ConeAppraiser - Bridgeport, WV

I know there are less expensive insurers out there but you are the best at supporting appraisers and understanding appraisal. I hope I never have to use my insurance but if I do I know you will be there for me.

Barbara RobinsonParadise, CA

Thank you Tina! You guys have always been very prompt with my policy, even when I wait until the last minute to renew. It has been a pleasure to deal with LIA for the past nine years.

Brett HurstAppraiser, AL

Thank you so much for the quick reply & enclosed documents. Your guys are very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. It’s a pleasure doing business with you & LIA.

LA AppraisersLLC

I have successfully completed the online application for our renewal application. I would like to congratulate LIA on the remarkably simple process. It is simply wonderful. We look forward to our continued relationship with LIA.

Thomas R. McReynoldsMAI - St. Louis, MO

Hello again and thank you for the quick response. I really love my E & O insurance coverage through LIA. Thank you for helping us all out in matters like this. Thank you again.

Appraiser CA

Peter gave a great presentation at REAA. He provided the appraisers with a wealth of information. I was expecting a dry presentation because of the topic but Peter made it so interesting and informative. The feedback I heard from others was all positive. The thumb drives were a great idea rather than printouts. Thank you all for the great services you provide appraisers and others.

Sharon NixonCA

Thank you does not express how appreciative I am for all of the support, hand holding and simply outstanding service you have provided me with throughout this journey.

Camille ZengaNewton, MA

Ivy, thank you so much for your reply and explanation. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to email me - it's a real indication of your professionalism and the caliber of LIA overall.

Theddi Wright ChappellCertified Residential Appraiser, UT

Thank you so very much! We already LOVE doing business with your company!! You are all about your customers, which is exactly how we feel! Happy New Year!.

Debbie CamarotaOffice Manager, NY

Thank you so much for providing a quote. I want you to know that I used your firm based on the timeliness and professionalism you personally expressed, despite the fact that I had a lower quote from another firm. If I had more time, I would elaborate on this and I will, sometime in the near future, put together a formal letter for you...because in this industry and in this day and age, professionalism is very hard to come by and I truly do appreciate it.

LLGTwinsburg, OH

My relationship with LIA goes back to 1986 when I was first insured by the company. Over that period there was an instance where I was threatened with legal action. I credit LIA's competent and professional and calm approach with resolving the thing. LIA speaks our language and understands what we as appraisers face every day and stands ready to assist if there is any sort of legal challenge. I can't imagine continuing in the appraisal business without the protection offered by LIA and its wonderful staff.

John CouturierSRA Appraiser, CA

This has been a 22 year business association between LIA and myself; it has been of fine quality and strong support at a reasonable cost from my perspective. I especially appreciate the trustworthy answers to questions and LIA's proactive bulletins and seminars. Also, Mr. Christensen's participation in Appraiser Forum and elsewhere online.

Craig McKernCertified Residential Appraiser, OR

I get the best service from you and your company, year in and year out. Thanks too for the quick turnaround.

Donald GantzCertified Residential Appraiser, NM

The new process was fantastic!!! So easy. Thank you!!!!

Julia MustoCertified Residential Appraiser

Thanks to you all for your help on this, your company (Dianne, Richard, Peter, and Amy) have all been very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate your time. The folks at (competitor 1) and (competitor 2) were more concerned about rushing me to sign up than about my concerns, and you were not.

AppraiserCastaic, CA

I have maintained my E&O insurance policy with LIA because of people like Rebecca James. She has been beyond professional in aiding me over the last few weeks to obtain all that is required to finalize my policy. She returned my emails right away and made me feel like a priority. I will continue with LIA and recommend it to my friends and colleagues because of people like Rebecca.

AppraiserProvo, UT

I retired as of September 29th, 2012 and am closing the business... I have enjoyed our partnership, your continued support to keep us current on changing regulations, and your commitment to appraiser education. Please close this account as of today and institute the unlimited tail policy which I understand is complimentary.

AppraiserCanyon Lake, CA

Thank you Rebecca! Obviously I am grateful for the quick work and deadlines, but I am also very, very pleased that someone like you is behind the front lines of my policy. This small effort that you may consider "work" on a daily basis, is a big deal to Appraisers like myself that make an effort to recommend services for other Appraisers. I often speak to many Appraisers and RE Professionals in Real Estate forums, and I will now mention LIA instead of (my current carrier) and you are a big part of it.

Terry KenningtonRiver Valley Appraisals, Yuba City, CA

Thank you for your prompt response with the declaration page. I appreciate everyone's help in getting my E & O coverage in force. I feel very satisfied now that I am with a very solid company.

AppraiserNevada City, CA

(My current carrier) which I have been insured with for 15 years did not want to take the time to explain. I appreciate your response and I will complete the application and go from there. Thanks

AppraiserBartlett, TN

I want to thank you for your help with my question concerning the inclusion of the E&O Declarations page in each of my appraisals. Below you will see my response back to my client concerning this situation. This afternoon he called and said he had talked to higher persons at his company and he received permission to exempt my appraisals from including the E&O Declarations page. We are back on track with this client on my terms. Without our input I don't think I could have convinced them. Thank you again for your hard work in forwarding this to me so that I can remain protected to the level I desire.

AppraiserBirmingham, AL

Thank you for the information. I like to see common sense with my insurance company. I feel protected by LIA. Mahalo!


Hello. I just used the on line service to renew my E&O. Thank you for making it so easy.

AppraiserSan Diego, CA

Claudia Gaglione is great!!! Straight & to the point! She uses common sense with no bureaucratic crap or legalese! This is the type of person that I wish ALL Attorneys could be like (& I have 3 of them in my family). She is very easy to understand and doesn't try to scare her clients into submission like too many insurance companies do. Please feature her regularly.

AppraiserLa Verne, CA

Thank You Very Much, this is the kind of response and extra effort that makes your company such a standout!! Thanks, Again

AppraiserHauppauge, NY

I got a quote from one of the insurances you recommended and I took it. Thanks for all your help in trying to find me insurance, thank you for responding to my emails each time and guiding me on what to do. I am shocked with my prior carrier, in the way they treated me and the non-response from them, I was not expecting that. They sounded so nice before I had a claim against me. I belong to the NCPAC, which is one of the largest organizations for appraisers around with about 2000 appraisers, I am vice president of my chapter and I will spread the word on how good you worked with me in a time of desperation.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate having the same representative the entire time we've been with your company (or at least as long as I've been here – 5 years). We have had a lot of trouble with the other insurance companies we work with, so I really appreciate you always being so available and responsive.

AppraiserOrange, CA

How very pleasant to deal with someone who is so efficient, quick, and polite, in an era where those elements are often missing in any business transaction.

AppraiserWest Lafayette, IN

It's nice to deal with people who are competent! A rare quality these days.

AppraiserLongmont, CO

I am delighted by the prompt and courteous service I have received from you.

AppraiserNew Market, TN

Thank you very much for your help. It has been a pleasure working with your company, compared to the other E&O carriers I have had in the past.

AppraiserCochran, GA

Thank you so much for your assistance and patience in securing this very important policy.

AppraiserFlushing, NY

Just a quick note to Compliment LIA and its staff on the handling of my E&O policy. Generally the staff is a direct representation of the company and you were very well represented. From the pleasant receptionist to the polite and attentive underwriter, it was a pleasure dealing with LIA.

AppraiserMetairie, LA

Legal Testimonials

I appreciate the effort all of you ​put into getting this situation settled as amicably and quickly as possible. Now that the settlement is complete, our work volume with the company that temporarily banned us has doubled. There is no way that happens without your efforts. I wasn't happy to settle, but I can appreciate the wisdom of doing so. I only hope that all of your other cases have a resolution as positive as this one. Thanks again.


Many thanks to you and Claudia (National Claims Counsel for LIA) for helping me through that strange annoying incident.

AppraiserSanta Rosa, CA

First, a huge thank you to LIA for providing me representation on this matter. As soon as (Legal Counsel) became involved, the property owner's attorney stopped making threats toward me, and (my Client's) attorney was much better at keeping me informed. Additionally, your assigned attorney's presence at the deposition was invaluable, … I truly appreciate the assistance.

AppraiserSan Diego, CA

… I was very pleased with the efforts of the attorney assigned to my case, … He did an outstanding job and was great to work with. I believe we had a huge advantage because (he) had knowledge and experience in real estate appraisal related lawsuits.

AppraiserSan Diego, CA

Thank you SO MUCH for your information and words of comfort! In 23 years, I have never had an appraisal challenged and really did not know how that feels. I appreciate your help and know that you are there for us!

AppraiserAnchorage, AK

Thank you for all your help in this matter. This is the first time in all the years that I have ever needed the assistance of the E&O company and its staff of attorneys. It has been a pleasure working with you and my E&O company on this, as you gave me assistance and the most respect I have ever gotten from any law firm.

AppraiserClearwater, FL

For 20 years I have not liked paying for E&O Insurance, because I never used it. Now, it has all paid off in the form of your opinion which will keep me out of trouble for the next 20 years. I will continue to recommend LIA as the only provider for professional appraisal E&O Insurance.

AppraiserCharlotte, NC

I would like to express our appreciation to LIA and your National Claims Counsel for the support we received over the past several months. We very much appreciate your confidence in us and the effort you put forth to fully understand the issues of the unusual case lodged against us.

AppraiserTwin Falls, ID

Loss Prevention Seminars

Peter, thank you so much for your fantastic presentation to the members of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CAREA) last night. I have received incredibly positive reviews from the membership. Most have said you were the best speaker of the year! And I would have to agree. It was absolutely enlightening, entertaining, informative and a little scary – haha! But going through examples like this helps to keep us on our toes with increased attention to detail. Thank you for providing some examples of verbiage for use in our appraisal reports as well as insight into how we can better prepare "bulletproof" appraisal reports.

Michael “MJ” Carroll, Colorado

I did your new seminar today. You did a great job. The format was the best of any online seminar I have seen today.

Robert Russo, Appraiser CA

Thank you so much for coming and speaking last Wednesday. I have heard from several people that it was one of the best presentations they had been to in quite a while.

Cindy Rogers, Executive DirectorNH/VT AI Chapter

Peter has come to Washington State three times in the past 12 months to present on liability issues… once as a fundraiser/ membership drive for our state appraiser coalition… Peter is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker, and while not an appraiser himself, he knows firsthand many, if not most, of the issues that appraisers from all disciplines are facing in the current market. LIA's seminar is for all appraisers, regardless of certification level or specialization, as liability is inherent in all of our practices… I cannot recommend Peter and LIA's Loss Prevention for Appraisers seminars enough to appraisers!

Justin Slack, SRAPresident, Appraisers' Coalition of Washington | ACOW (2011) | Chair, Education Committee, Seattle Chapter of the Appraisal Institute (2011)

Dear Robert, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to our Appraiser group. The seminar that you put on for us with Claudia Gaglione was engaging and educational. The two of you are a great team! Several of our members told us that they thoroughly enjoyed the class. We hope that the exposure has brought more appraiser clients to LIA even though we realize that is not the purpose of the class. I'm proud to have LIA as my insurer and the session made me even more confident that I'm insured by an amazingly knowledgeable and capable group of people. Thanks again on behalf of REAA North Bay. We look forward to inviting you back.

AppraiserSebastopol, CA

I wanted to let you know Claudia and Robert gave a wonderful presentation in Petaluma, CA yesterday – really enjoyed the clarity, knowledge and guidance they gave the class.

AppraiserSan Anselmo, CA

Your instructors did an excellent job in presenting the materials and explaining the pitfalls that appraisers face everyday in their valuation practices. They cited good examples of claims and the ultimate resolutions relative to the facts and the appraisers involved. It was a good mix of residential and commercial, which was appropriate since the audience included both types of valuers.

AppraiserChicago, IL

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did at the Cardinal Ohio Chapter's spring meeting. Our Appraisers found your presentation to be most interesting and would like to have you back in the future.

AppraiserCardinal OH

Thank you for the best seminar regarding real estate appraisal that I've been to in 32 years. It was classy, moved fast and loaded with information from respectful presenters.

AppraiserDenver, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed your Loss Prevention Seminar. It was most enlightening and very relevant. The presenter gave excellent examples of the types of cases she has been involved in as defense counsel for the appraiser and advised how some of these lawsuits could have been avoided. Your discussions and comments were most appreciated.

AppraiserWestminster, CO

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