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Along with our national claims counsel, we analyze appraiser claim files to identify litigation trends and effective defenses.  Our findings are published in periodic Claim Alert Bulletins.  We also contribute articles on loss prevention to several appraiser publications, including the Appraisal Institute's magazine, Valuation Insights & Perspectives. Our Claim Alert bulletins provide information about litigation trends and effective defense advice.  Following is a partial list of Claim Alerts we began publishing in 1992.  Although some of the topics may seem dated, the concept is still applicable and will provide useful general information, beneficial to your appraisal practice.

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Claudia Says...

Q&A Series with Claudia Gaglione

Claudia received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California Law Center in 1982 and in 1994, Claudia and her partner, Bob Dolan, formed the law firm of Gaglione & Dolan, which specializes in the defense of professional malpractice claims. Since 1987, Claudia has personally supervised over 7,500 claims and lawsuits filed against real estate appraisers across the country. By virtue of this experience, she is uniquely qualified to speak about what kinds of things appraisers get sued for and what defenses are most successful. More importantly, Claudia can discuss the types of errors that are avoidable and how appraisers can make themselves the best possible defendants in the event they are ever sued.

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Liability Prevention Seminars

Upcoming Real Estate Appraiser Seminars

A four-hour Liability Prevention Seminar is available for appraisers. It provides vital information on the most common allegations made against appraisers, and recommends steps for an effective defense. In most states, seminar hours qualify as continuing education credit towards your appraisal license. Additionally, attendees insured with LIA will receive a discount on their E&O insurance premium.

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